‘Your Shoes are ruining your body’ is my most recent poster book and a result from my journey across the Atlantic. The photographs serve as a reflection of the wide range of impressions I experienced in ‘The Big Apple’. The chaos, the warmth and openness that lives within the underground communities, the cold indifference and the loneliness, the people reclaiming a city post-COVID… Street spots that bear marks of a recent skate session. Construction fences with tags that will probably be there for a short amount of time only to be buffed and eventually tagged over again. A city ever changing and impossible to document in its entirety. I am of this and show the city as I experienced it there and then. Clear, off putting or in a romanticised blur.

Special thanks to Justin, Larry & friends for showing me around the city from time to time and making me feel so welcome there.

The book launch for this project was hosted by Veduta in March 2023. For the occasion we took over La Polyclinique, a temporary occupation in the heart of Saint-Gilles, Brussels. Playing inside the exhibition on the opening night were local Belgian bands like Cobblestone & Mindwar to really make the project come full circle.



This series was also shown in various group shows:

Combinaison Festival 2023 – Face B, Brussels

PhotoTwens 2023 – 30CC Romaanse Kapel, Leuven